ACCEPT the CHALLENGE and work towards your perfect summer body!!  Be the  
BEST VERSION OF YOU!!  We have created the Summer Body Challenge and are partnering with the delicious nutritious PrepClubSociety to kick start this goal for our community.  We are offering you the chance to win some amazing prizes while building healthy fitness and nutrition habits to last a lifetime.

Sign-Up for the CHALLENGE at or stop by and check out our awesome gym! CrossFit San Benito  827 Industrial Dr Ste #101 Hollister, CA.  
Everyone is welcome.  You do not have to be a member to compete in this SUMMER BODY CHALLENGE.


Disclaimer: Fitness Wave Hydro 2 tests are required for those participating in the challenge but are also open to anyone in the community. Don't miss out - be part of the challenge -  

Challenge Dates - Monday April 22, 2019 through Monday June 3, 2019

Buy In - $100 entry fee to CrossFit San Benito gives you 6 weeks FREE CrossFit and $80 to Fitness Wave for both hydrostatic body fat tests. (CrossFit San Benito will pay for current members 2nd test)


1st Place Winner
6 month CrossFit Monthly Unlimited Membership at CrossFit San Benito &  
1 Month of meals from PrepClubSociety (total of 20 meals/5 meals per week)

2nd Place Winner 3 month CrossFit Monthly Unlimited Membership at CrossFit San Benito &  
2 week of meals from PrepClubSociety (total of 10 meals/5 meals per week)

3rd Place Winner (by random draw) 1 Month Unlimited Membership at CrossFit San Benito &
1 week of meals from PrepClubSociety (total 5 meals)

This challenge will be based on the highest percentage of change in body fat. In order to determine body fat, challenge participants will undergo body fat testing performed by FitnessWave.

Fitness Wave will be on site at CrossFit San Benito on Monday April 22 between 2pm and 7pm for the initial scan and again on Monday June 3rd for the final scan. Fitness Wave performs body fat and body composition testing using a truck equipped with a Hydro 2 dunk test. In a fully-clothed 10-min scan, you'll learn more about your body than you've ever known.


Bring a towel and bathing suit.
Avoid exercise prior to testing.  In order to keep our water clean you will be required to rinse off if your facility provides access to a shower (or hose!) but this must be done before your testing time starts.
Avoid eating a big meal immediately before testing.  While fasting is not essential, a few hours without eating before your test is recommended to provide a repeatable measurement over multiple visits.


(approximately 4 minutes of measuring in a 15 minute appointment block)

Client completes waiver on site.
Client changes into bathing suit or other clothing suitable for immersion under water.
Client is weighed on the land scale.
Client is weighed in the water tank.  We will find a position where the client can successfully exhale completely and duck under the water completely.
Test is repeated as many times as necessary to get 3 identical measures.
Client changes back into other clothing.
Client report is presented in time remaining.

How to Sign Up

1. Schedule a scan appointment anytime on Monday April 22 and Monday June 3.

Simply click on Go to calendar.  Select your event.  Choose test and time slot. Fill out the payment and account info.

2.  If you need to reschedule, simply log back into anytime 24 hours before your appointment.  Cancel your appointment and make another at your convenience.  

3. Come in to CrossFit San Benito to pay your buy in either credit card or Venmo  

We look forward to helping you become the BEST VERSION OF YOU!!
Let us know if you have any questions!!
Hyllie Thompson 925.250.5032 call/text
Daniel Atencio 831.297.3614 call/text
DM ig @crossfitsanbenito

827 Industrial Dr. Ste 101
Hollister, CA 95023 (view larger map)